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School Town King (2020)

IMDB 8.1

School Town King opens with a boy rapping. The 18-year-old Book and 13-year-old Non, living in the slums of Thailand, already know a "life that started from zero". These "slum kids rappers," who dream of becoming the best rappers in Thailand and buying a house for their mother, are struggling to find a way to quit school. They hate studying but what they hate the most is to recite the "12 commandments to be good children" written by the military. Sometimes in quick and sensuous editing, or with a long tracking shot, Dir. Laisuwanchai builds the rhythm of the film, as the boys rap against poverty, inequality, and repressive educational systems. It is a cheerful and harmonious ensemble of kids rappers and a young director. —KANG Sowon, BIFF